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Entertainment & Beach Party

From live band to DJ and fireworks ! Sa-mer Wedding provides unique entertainment before, during and after dinner, including inviting a baby elephant, Thai classical dance performances, live music and beach parties with DJ's and fireworks. We also encourage all unique and individual ideas from our clients. Many clients have also chosen to combine Thai traditional entertainment with Western style wedding venues. For the beach wedding, following the exchange of vows, you and your guests may enjoy cocktails by the beach bar, followed by a wedding parade lead by an elephant and/or a traditional Thai water ceremony.

A Baby Elephant
A baby elephant will greet your guests after the ceremony at the chapel. You and your guests can take photos with the elephant as well.

A Large Elephant
This option is a great opportunity for you to get pictures taken while riding an elephant on the beach in Phuket, Thailand. It will also be great way to start your reception party by riding the elephant as you enter the reception venue on the beach.

Traditional Wedding Parade (Long Drums)
This wedding parade includes a traditional Thai percussion 10-member orchestra. This is an exciting way to enter the reception party to the sound of traditional Thai drum beats. You can also enter the venue walking along side an elephant.

Thai Water Blessing Ceremony with Traditional Welcome Dance
A traditional Thai water pouring ceremony can be part of your special day. The guests will bless the couple by pouring water over their hands in this ceremony. For the welcome dance, Thai classical music plays during the ceremony with a dance performed by Thai dancers as well. This option is an addition to your Western-style ceremony and it will be prepared at your reception venue.

Music & Party DJ
International entertainment is also available here in Phuket Thailand like classical music, jazz, DJs, fireworks, fire dance, and much more. Please contact our wedding planners for more information.

All reception venues can be professionally photographed and videographed
by Sa-mer Wedding’s photography team.