We know you’ll have some questions –
We’ve answered the most common ones below...

■ How many days before the wedding do you recommend we arrive?
We prefer to have the bride & groom with us about 2 days or more prior to the wedding.
■ How do I secure my wedding date?
A non refundable THB15,000 deposit is required to secure your wedding date. We cannot confirm any reservation without a deposit.
■ How many people can each venue accommodate?
  • Chapels: From 2 to approx. 70 people (50 seated)
  • Private villas : From 2 to approx. 60 people / maximum 10 people
  • Beach Wedding : From 2 to approx. 200 people (depending on the beach )
  • Traditional Thai style wedding: From 2 to approx. 80 people
    (depending on the venue that is selected)
■ Where is the beach location?  What is the set-up?
We can set up and perform beach wedding at designated beaches in Phuket. We are only allowed on certain public beach parks and in front of hotels/restaurant beaches who have permits from the Thai government. The permit is included in our packages.
We can provide a decorated arch or bamboo gazebo set-up and chairs for guests.
■ What do you do if it rains for beach wedding? Do you have a tent?
Yes, we have a gorgeous tent (marquee) for the very occasional rain.
■ What time is the sunset?
Depending on the season, sunset can be anywhere from 6:00 – 6:45 pm.
■ We want to invite an elephant for our ceremony or reception party
Sa-mer Wedding can arrange big elephant for beach wedding and for only certain venues. Chapels and most other venues only allow baby elephant to attend. Please check with our wedding planner for more information.
■ Are sky lanterns or fireworks available?
We can set up and perform sky lanterns or fireworks at designated beaches in Phuket. We are only allowed on certain public beach parks and in front of hotels/restaurant beaches who have permit from the Thai government. Permit fee is included in our packages.
■ Can we have traditional Thai wedding on the beach?
It is not appropriate to invite Buddhist monks to do wedding ceremony on the beach.
We do have amazing alternative venues where you can have traditional Thai wedding with an ocean view. Please contact our wedding planner for suggestions and more information.
■ What do we need to know, if we choose to have traditional Thai wedding at a Buddhist temple.
At Sa-mer Wedding, we have a few different venues you can choose from to have a traditional Thai wedding. We invite 9 monks because 9 is a lucky number in Thailand so it is a good-luck to have 9 monks at your wedding.
As a general rule for guests attending a Thai wedding, you should avoid wearing tank-tops, t-shirts, vests, shorts, short skirts or flip-flops. It is also considered unlucky to wear black at a wedding, so this means no black dresses or tops for women and no black shirts or ties for men, although it is OK to wear black shoes and black trousers or slacks.
■ Is live music available?
Yes, live music is available. We offer a live band, violinist, a pianist, a DJ, and a steel drum band and we can also source many other types of music including traditional Thai music.
■ Can we supply our own music on CD or ipod?
Yes, we would be happy to accommodate your own music (However, please note that some wedding venues charge additional fee to use their sound system equipment).
■ Do you cater?
Yes, we have a few caterers you can choose - our wedding planner can give you different menu options to choose from.
■ How much experience do the wedding specialists have?
Our wedding specialists are hand-selected from the best in the industry, based on their extensive experience and knowledge in planning weddings. All of our wedding specialists are familiar with the resorts and venues they recommend to couples and stay up-to-date on the latest destination wedding trends.
■ Will we need an on-site wedding coordinator?
Depending on the ceremony details, we usually recommended that you work with someone at the location to help finalize the details. Many resorts and hotels have complimentary on-site wedding coordinators, who maintain reputable local vendor lists and can help organize your big day. Your wedding specialist will set you up with a wedding coordinator at your resort and assist you as needed throughout the process.
If you need a translator, we can arrange them for you (English, Japanese, Chinese, and other European languages).
■ Can Sa-mer Wedding arrange hotel accommodation or do we need to book on our own?
It depends on the wedding package you select. Some package plans require us to make the reservation for you. Please check with our wedding planner for more information.
■ Can Sa-mer Wedding arrange transportation for our guests?
For the bride and groom, transportation to and from your hotel to the wedding venue is included in the package. Your guests will need to arrange their own transportation. We can arrange for you for additional fee or we can suggest transportation companies for you.
■ Deadlines for ordering the wedding cake, flowers, and other items.
Please make sure to place all orders at least one month prior to your wedding date.
■ Can we meet the celebrant prior to the wedding date?
Yes, you can make an appointment
■ Can we have rehearsal hair/make-up prior to the wedding date?
Yes, you can make an appointment
■ Can we meet the photographer and musicians/band prior to the wedding date?
Yes, you can make an appointment
■ Can we hire a band/DJ for our event on our own?
Yes, you can hire on your own but there will be an additional fee.
■ How long does it take to receive our photographs and video images?
Approximately one month from your wedding day. If you are in a hurry, we have express service with additional fee. We can mail them to a destination of your choice (shipping fee included).
■ Can we choose our own photos for the photo album?
Yes, for an additional fee
■ Can we provide our own alcoholic drinks?
You can supply your own alcoholic drinks, but there will be corkage charge and the fee depends on the wedding venue.
■ What is your cancellation policy?
The wedding can be canceled 90 days or more prior to the confirmed date. Our weddings are fully refundable up until this date, except the non-refundable deposit.
Please request our booking terms and conditions for more information.
■ Does the wedding have to be legal?
No it does not. Thai law states that a wedding ceremony is permitted regardless of actual marital status. Some couples choose to perform the 'legal' part of the wedding in their home countries and then celebrate the symbolic ceremony here with us. You will be provided with Sa-mer Wedding original commemorative certificate signed by the celebrant and the wedding couple.
■ What nationalities can not legally marry in Thailand?
Chinese, Burmese, Indian nationals without Thai work permits or here on a Thai student visa.
■ Is a religious or non-religious ceremony a legal marriage?
Religious or non-religious ceremonies are symbolic ceremonies and are not legally binding under Thai law until they have been registered with the Thai district office. This symbolic ceremony allows the couple to express their love in their own way, and exchange vows and rings.
■ If I have a civil wedding ceremony in Thailand, will my marriage be legally recognized in my own country?
No marriage ceremony taking place in Thailand is legally recognized unless it is duly registered at the local district registry office.
■ Is a Buddhist, Catholic or Secular ceremony in Thailand a legal marriage?
No, they are not recognized as legal marriages under Thai law until they have been registered with the Thai district office.
■ What kind of marriage travel visas are there so that we can marry in Thailand?
You may get married on whichever visa you choose for your visit to Thailand, as long as it is valid on your wedding day and day of registration. Be sure to check the expiry date stamped on your passport at immigration, and ensure it gives you enough time to marry. Permission of length of stay in Thailand given on arrival depends on your nationality and type of visa.

(Some Q&A are from ‘Dream Weddings Thailand Magazine’ 2014)

Disclaimer: Please note that all information provided is correct at time of issue, however,
Thai government procedures are subject to change without notice, which we cannot be held accountable for.
Please make sure to contact our wedding planner for updated details for all information.