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Legal marriage registration service

Legal marriage registration service The legal process to get officially married in Thailand as a foreign passport holder is complicated, so our marriage registration service have made the process simple by allowing you to spend about two nights in Bangkok (depending on your nationality) and our wedding specialist will look after all requirements necessary to receive an official Thai Marriage certificate. This process is done in Bangkok where our guide will meet you at the embassy, show you all necessary documents and help you fill them out. Once all documents are authorized, you will visit the local government office (Amphur) in Phuket to complete the legal marriage certificate or have the local Amphur official attend your Wedding Ceremony at your chosen wedding venue. After you are legally married, your legal marriage certificate and accompanying documentation is then translated into English. The Thai Foreign Ministry in Bangkok then authorizes the translated legal marriage certificate and accompanying documentation. Completed and translated legal marriage documents will be forwarded to you at your hotel in Phuket or alternatively sent to you at your residential address.

Sa-mer Wedding full legal guide service includes:
* Preparation documents
* Translation English into Thai, Thai into English
* Assistant service in Bangkok
* Assistant service in Phuket
* Shipping service ( if you already go back to your home country.)

●Please note: Embassy fee and accommodation in Bangkok to be paid by client directly.
●Some countries require that the translation of your signed Thai marriage certificate is certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs prior to being certified by your embassy. This means that you will need a second visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok as well as your embassy.

Please note that these are general information and all information provided is correct at time of issue, however, embassy and Thai government procedures are subject to change without notice, which we cannot be held accountable for. In the event of a change in procedure we will notify you at the earliest possible opportunity.